Dansereau Meadows — Beaumont

There are also numerous additional amenities close by in the city of Edmonton.

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<span>Ellerslie Crossing</span> <span>Ellerslie Landing</span> <span>Market at Summerside</span> <span>South Edmonton Common</span> <span>Southgate Centre</span> <span>South Park Centre</span> <span>Costco</span> <span>Mill Woods Common</span> <span>Mill Woods Town Centre</span> <span>Millbourne Market Mall</span> <span>The Currents</span> <span>University of Alberta Hospitals</span> <span>Grey Nuns Hospital</span> <span>University of Alberta</span> <span>Grant Macewan College</span> <span>Nait South Campus</span> <span>Eagle Rock Golf Course</span> <span>Belvedere Golf and Country Club</span> <span>Jagare Ridge Golf Course</span> <span>Windermere Golf and Country Club</span> <span>River Ridge Golf and Country Club</span> <span>Rabbit Hill Snow Resort</span> <span>Terwillegar Community Recreation Centre</span> <span>William Lutsky YMCA</span> <span>Kinsmen Twin Arena</span> <span>Derrick Golf and Winter Club</span> <span>Snow Valley</span> <span>Ellerslie Rugby Park</span> <span>Millwoods Golf Course</span> <span>Mill Woods Recreation Centre</span> <span>Confederation Leisure Centre</span> <span>Holy Trinity Chinese Anglican Parish</span> <span>St. Margaret's Anglican Church</span> <span>Victory Christian School</span> <span>Ellerslie Road Baptist Church</span> <span>Crossroads Christian Assembly</span> <span>Grace Point Church of God</span> <span>Evangel Baptist Church</span> <span>Edmonton Central Korean Presbyterian Church</span> <span>Jehovah’s Witnesses</span> <span>Southminster-Steinhauer United Church</span> <span>Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints</span>
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  1. Ellerslie Crossing
  2. Ellerslie Landing
  3. Market at Summerside
  4. South Edmonton Common
  5. Southgate Centre
  6. South Park Centre
  7. Costco
  8. Mill Woods Common
  9. Mill Woods Town Centre
  10. Millbourne Market Mall
  11. The Currents


  1. University of Alberta
  2. Grant Macewan College
  3. Nait South Campus


  1. Eagle Rock Golf Course
  2. Belvedere Golf and Country Club
  3. Jagare Ridge Golf Course
  4. Windermere Golf and Country Club
  5. River Ridge Golf and Country Club
  6. Rabbit Hill Snow Resort
  7. Terwillegar Community Recreation Centre
  8. William Lutsky YMCA
  9. Kinsmen Twin Arena
  10. Derrick Golf and Winter Club
  11. Snow Valley
  12. Ellerslie Rugby Park
  13. Millwoods Golf Course
  14. Mill Woods Recreation Centre
  15. Confederation Leisure Centre


  1. Holy Trinity Chinese Anglican Parish
  2. St. Margaret's Anglican Church
  3. Victory Christian School
  4. Ellerslie Road Baptist Church
  5. Crossroads Christian Assembly
  6. Grace Point Church of God
  7. Evangel Baptist Church
  8. Edmonton Central Korean Presbyterian Church
  9. Jehovah’s Witnesses
  10. Southminster-Steinhauer United Church
  11. Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints


  1. University of Alberta Hospitals
  2. Grey Nuns Hospital

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