Dansereau Meadows — Beaumont

Dansereau has all the amenities you’ll need right within the city of Beaumont.

Shopping Schools Churches
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<span>Sobeys</span> <span>Beaumont Home Hardware</span> <span>RBC Royal Bank</span> <span>Boston Pizza</span> <span>Tim Hortons</span> <span>Rexall</span> <span>TD Bank Financial Group</span> <span>Shell</span> <span>Scotia Bank</span> <span>ATB Financial</span> <span>Beaumont Credit Union</span> <span>Beaumont Centre Pharmacy</span> <span>Pharmx Rexall Drugstore</span> <span>Drugstore Pharmacy</span> <span>Ecole J E Lapointe School</span> <span>L’Ecole des Petits</span> <span>Ready Set Grow Pre School Inc</span> <span>Saint-Andre Academy</span> <span>Ecole Secondaire Beaumont Composite High School</span> <span>Ecole Beau Meadow School</span> <span>Ecole Bellevue School</span> <span>Ecole Coloniale Estates School</span> <span>Future School Site</span> <span>St. Vital Roman Catholic Church</span> <span>Beaumont United Church</span> <span>Eaglemont Christian Church</span> <span>Beaumont Community Church</span> <span>St. Columba Anglican Church</span> <span>Harvest Community Church</span>
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  1. Sobeys
  2. Beaumont Home Hardware
  3. RBC Royal Bank
  4. Boston Pizza
  5. Tim Hortons
  6. Rexall
  7. TD Bank Financial Group
  8. Shell
  9. Scotiabank
  10. ATB Financial
  11. Beaumont Credit Union
  12. Beaumont Centre Pharmacy
  13. Pharmx Rexall Drugstore
  14. Drugstore Pharmacy


  1. Ecole J E Lapointe School
  2. L’ Ecole des Petits
  3. Ready Set Grow Pre School Inc
  4. Saint-Andre Academy
  5. Ecole Secondaire Beaumont Composite High School
  6. Ecole Beau Meadow School
  7. Ecole Bellevue School
  8. Ecole Coloniale Estates School
  9. Future School Site


  1. St. Vital Roman Catholic Church
  2. Beaumont United Church
  3. Eaglemont Christian Church
  4. Beaumont Community Church
  5. St. Columba Anglican Church
  6. Harvest Community Church

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